Monday, January 29, 2018

May 2017

Welp, we finished up the Spring Soccer season this month...and started Marlins Summer Swim Meets!  From one thing to another!  Matt enjoyed coaching Taylor's team this season and being the Asst. Coach with Jordan's team!  We look forward to playing another season starting in the Fall.  Weather has started to get warmer and we are playing outside a lot more lately!  Jordan's class had park day so I took Riley up to play.  We had fun!  Riley and I also got to attend Taylor's Writing Workshop!  We read all of Taylor's writings and had snacks!  It was fun too!  Girl Scouts have also been busy for Taylor!  We got to attend end of year party this month!  Taylor has decided to not participate in Girl Scouts next Fall!  But...Jordan wants to continue so we aren't done totally with it yet!  We can't wait for summer!  We made our first trip to the Lake House this month too!